Dirty Locals was started by two individuals who wanted to create an escape from the all work and no play mindset. The seeds are all planted and nurtured by Dannie Urrutia and Jacob Urrutia. This brother and sister duo brainstorms up designs that people can feel connected to, and then puts pen to paper, and makes these designs into products they're proud to share with the world. 


We create all of our own designs, and screen-print our own apparel. All of our clothing is manufactured in the U.S., and hand-printed locally in Southern California. We put a lot of thought into what goes into our clothing, and into the personality that comes out of our products. This all starts with the product design. We sometimes like to give people a good chuckle, but our aim is to let our clothing exemplify a care-free attitude, while looking and feeling the absolute best.


Quality is important to us, and we care about the product that we are putting the name "Dirty Locals" onto. The goal is to keep you happy with the threads you choose to pull over your back. We want you to do you in style, no matter where your playground is. 


Ultimately, we wanted a brand that fits our California lifestyle, where we put a big emphasis on enjoying life as it comes, and having no enemies. There are too many rad people on this earth, and Dirty Locals is all about good vibes. We're all just here to have a good time, so enjoy the ride. You’re in good hands now, my friends.

Check out our YouTube and Instagram for some behind-the-scenes action. When inspiration strikes, you gotta strike back