Dirty Locals is an apparel company that was birthed in sunny Southern California, where the surf and skate culture influenced the laid-back vibes that we wanted to capture in our style and products.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

We design all of our products in-house (straight from the brains and hands of the Dirty Locals), with the goal being to create that easygoing personality carried through each of our products. Sometimes the goal of our artwork is to give someone a good chuckle, sometimes it's to present you with a concept that you can relate to in your everyday life. Either way, we aim to keep it funky, fresh, and sometimes maybe just a bit inappropriate, but all in good humor. 


The water is warm, TAKE A DIP

YES, we are still operating/fulfilling orders through the quarantine!


Check out our little vintage "Quarantina's" design. Inspired by the strange times currently surrounding us. You can view the process video on our YouTube or Instagram profile.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT (because Dirty Locals have more fun)